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2.60% APY*


GIT Insured Money Market Account

GIT Investment Services, Inc. offers customers the opportunity to keep cash balances at work earning interest through the GIT Insured Money Market Account (IMMA) program.

The IMMA program allows clients to enjoy the convenience, liquidity and high yields of a money market fund, but with the additional security of U.S. Government deposit insurance.

* The current rate of interest and effective date are posted here: Current Interest Rate

Some key features of the GIT Insured Money Market Account include:

  • Individual FDIC insured deposit accounts, backed by the U.S. Government
  • High yield money market rates, depending on market conditions
  • Monthly account interest that can be reinvested or sent directly to you by check or direct deposit
  • No monthly service charges, so long as your account balance is at least $1,000 at month-end
  • Easy access to your IMMA funds when you invest
  • Easy, hassle-free withdrawals, including by writing checks

IMMA deposit accounts are accounts with one or more specific FDIC insured banks (see list of banks)having a depository arrangement through an affiliate of GIT Investment Services, Inc., and are not accounts in a money market mutual fund or other commingled investment vehicle.  See GIT Insured Money Market Account Terms and Conditions for more information.


The FDIC has standard coverage limits of $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank. The IMMA distributes your deposits to participating insured institutions, maintaining no more than the $250,000 coverage limit at any one institution. Therefore, your entire balance is insured and earning interest.

Brokerage Services Insured Money Market Account
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